We believe that the key to beauty is naturalness. Our real beauty is revealed when we are true to ourselves – independent of the demands or opinions of others.

On the basis of this conviction, we want to encourage you to say bye-bye to rigid rules and ‘ideal’ stereotypes – no more pigeon-holing! Let’s say goodbye to unrealistic ideals, empty promises and false expectations together.

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Meet Monique

As with so many things in life, good ideas often stem from unmet needs – this is also the very foundation of HelloBody. Monique, a woman in her mid-twenties who was interested in beauty, kept stumbling across the same problem: all of the natural skincare brands with their clean design, straight lines and muted colours targeted women aged 30 and over. All wonderful brands – no question! Unfortunately, they all failed to satisfy her personal desire for natural beauty products to be young and fun. The thought soon arose that other women, and especially those who were younger, were likely facing a similar situation.

Indeed, young women are part of a new generation that is a lot more value-conscious with its consumption. They are increasingly concerned with what they use, what ingredients they apply to their skin and where products come from. Consequently, the authenticity of a brand plays a much more significant role today. And rightly so, because consumers want to and should feel good about the products they use – in all aspects of their lives. The latter led to another problem that Monique had to contend with more and more in the early days of HelloBody: the prevailing stereotypes in the cosmetics industry and their unattainable ideals. “Girls and women alike should feel comfortable in their bodies and be proud of themselves. Every woman is beautiful and should have the opportunity to be both authentic and herself – free from the demands or opinions of others,” as Monique herself explained.

Nowadays, the issue of ‘body positivity’, along with the promise of using only the best natural ingredients, is another key element of the company’s philosophy. Especially as a company with a strong social media presence, the importance of serving as a role model should not be underestimated. This makes it all the more important for Monique to responsibly utilise its reach: “We constantly encourage our community to embrace their individual beauty and regularly support non-profit projects in the field of female empowerment and body positivity.” HelloBody successfully advocates its corporate values. “To feel this every day encourages me to remain true to my goals and to continue to work for them – now and in the future.”

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